Last updated: 12/11/2020

Additional Project - Low Level Line


Major Scale Project (Over £15 Million)

The Low Level railway Line through Long Eaton is bridged by the A6005 next to Tesco and ASDA and by level crossings at Station Street and at the bottom of Main Street by the Tappers Harker pub. Closures of the level crossings already cause local congestion and travel delay and discourage trips between Grange Park and the town centre. Current proposals for HS2 would result in greatly increased rail traffic on this line, effectively cutting the town in two.

This rail traffic could be rerouted to a new chord (connecting line) to the existing high level rail line, allowing the old low level line to be closed. The space vacated by the low level line could then allow for alternative uses which include extending the NET tram, additional land to be made available for business or industrial parks or new affordable housing close to the town centre or a new linear park to include a cycling route.