Pedestrian and Cycleway Improvements

Small Scale Project (£1m- 4m)

Long Eaton is a flat and compact town, well suited for cyclists and pedestrians. The Town Board would like to improve the connectivity around areas of the town. These include the bridge at Broad Street which connects West Park to the town centre. Currently the Broad Street Bridge is narrow and the ramps are steep. More importantly it doesn’t connect with the canal towpath.

There is also an opportunity to build a new multi-purpose pedestrian and cycle bridge over the canal at Britannia Road. This would provide an alternate route along the canal for residents North of Derby Road. Other considerations for pedestrian and cycleway improvements include providing sensitive lighting along the cycleway within West Park. 

Erewash Borough Council, in partnership with Derbyshire County Council recently commissioned AECOM to produce a Feasibility Study for multi purpose pedestrian and cycle bridges over the Erewash Canal at the locations mentioned above.

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