Last updated: 09/09/2022

Below are answers to a number of frequently asked questions about the Town Deal.

If you have a question that hasn’t already been asked and answered then please do get in touch.

What is the Town Deal?

The Town Deal is the agreement made between the government, Erewash Borough Council, and the Town Deal Board for investment, following the submission of our Town Investment Plan.

What is a Town Investment Plan (or TIP)?

It is a collective, sustainable plan that has been presented to government for a coherent set of investments for interventions to regenerate Long Eaton and improve the economy.

Has it already been decided what the £24.8m will be spent on?

There were seven proposed Town Deal projects, which for various reasons have been reduced to five (Walking & Cycling Network, West Park Visitor Attractions, Stable Block, Long Eaton High Street & Galaxy Row).  These are being managed for delivery as seven separate sub-projects. You can find out more about each of these on the Projects page.

How were the projects chosen?

A long list of project possibilities from a range of sources were shortlisted by the Council and Town Board based on cost and deliverability. These were then put to the public and stakeholders through a consultation in the Summer and Autumn of 2020. The projects were prioritised based on their ‘best fit’ with the objectives of the Town Deal criteria. This is explained further in the Town Investment Plan, which can be viewed via the Home Page or the menu on the right.

Who is involved in the process?

Erewash Borough Council and the Town Deal Board, which is made up of local business and voluntary sector representatives, along with local elected representatives, have so far led the process. The Council has lead responsibility for developing and delivering the projects as the accountable body for the Long Eaton Town Deal. The Council has and will continue to employ consultants, designers, architects, engineers, and contractors, and consult with bodies such as the Environment Agency and the Canal & River Trust for their expertise.

What is the role of the Town Board?

Having a Town Deal Board was a condition of the Government’s Town Fund. The purpose of the Board is to monitor progress, review any changes to projects, and agree the submission of project summaries to Government. Some members of the Board act as ‘Project Champions’ and they work with the Council and consultants to ensure that projects deliver the best for the town.

Why hasn’t anything happened yet?

Lots of work is going on in researching, planning, gaining all necessary permissions, and designing projects and sourcing contractors. Business cases have to be written and approved and legal issues are being resolved in order for the projects to progress. Over the next few months you will see the physical work start on some of the projects as we move into the delivery phase.

When will drawings and plans for projects be available for people to see?

As detailed plans and designs become available, these will be put on the websites and on displays around Long Eaton so the public can see them. We cannot provide specific dates yet.

Will local people be consulted again?

Yes, there will be further consultations and opportunities for you to ask questions in person and online. These will be announced here and on the Erewash Borough Council website and social media.

When will it all be finished?

The Government’s target is for the money for the Town Deal projects to be spent by March 2026, but it is possible that some of these projects that involve funding in addition to the Town Fund will be completed later.