Town Investment Plan

It is the Board’s responsibility to produce and submit a Town Investment Plan with the support of the Borough Council by the end of January 2021.

The Town Investment Plan will set out a vision for Long Eaton and a schedule of work agreed by the Town Board members, reflecting the needs of local businesses and organisations as well as local residents.

The Town Investment Plan for Long Eaton will be based on a boundary for Long Eaton that has been agreed with MHCLG (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government) and can be viewed via the attached map

The Council held a public consultation to help inform the TIP’s vision and priorities for investment. This closed on Sunday 30th August at 11:55pm.

The Town Board in consultation with private sector partners and members of the public will be choosing projects that align with the Town Fund Prospectus and that will benefit Long Eaton. More information on these projects will follow.

Summary of funding

The Town Board will be able to put forward project proposals totalling up to £25 million as part of its Town Investment Plan (deadline 29 January 2021). The exact amount offered, however, will depend on the total of all the projects that are assessed by government as viable.

Funding allocated to date:

In December 2019 the council received £162,019 capacity funding from government to support the development of a Town Deal Board and Investment Plan.

In September 2020 the council received £750,000 accelerated delivery funding to be spent on appropriate capital projects that can be delivered this financial year.