Town Deal Board Members

Last updated: 08/04/2024 


Richard Ledger Name: Richard Ledger  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Millitec Food Systems  |  Role on board: Chair and Project Champion for Canal Bridges & West Park Waterfront  |  About: Richard is the Managing Director of Millitec Food Systems based in Draycott.

Vice Chair

Cllr James Dawson Name: Cllr James Dawson  |  Board member since: 02/06/2023  |  Organisation: Leader of Erewash Borough Council  |  Role on board: Vice chair |  About

Member of Parliament for Erewash

Maggie Throup MP Name: Maggie Throup MP  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Member of Parliament for Erewash - Conservative  |  Role on board: Board Member |  About: Maggie has been the MP for Erewash since 2015.


Cllr David Doyle  Name: Cllr David Doyle  |  Board member since: 17/12/2021  |  Organisation: Sawley Parish Council  |  Role on board: Board Member |  About: I first came to live in Sawley/Long Eaton in 1977. After spending my life travelling the world with Mum and Dad. Born in Hong Kong and spending a lot of time in Germany. My Mum was from Long Eaton and Dad was from Ireland hence the name Doyle. After leaving Roper School I joined the army and went on my merry way. Really enjoyed the experience and the travel. I served as far North as Norway and as far South as the Falklands. After seven years I met my wife, and it was time to settle down. So, after a few attempts to find a career I settled into engineering. Self-taught myself welding and fabrication. I started manufacturing fairground rides in Long Eaton and later in Ilkeston. Lovely job, started out sweeping the factory ended up running it. Sadly, as with all good things this came to an ended. Last job was running a CNC lathe down Meadow Lane, Long Eaton, shift work, really glad when that ended. I have always liked Sawley/Long Eaton it's the home I always came back to. I now have plenty of time to involve myself in local politics as Sawley Parish/Borough Councillor. As a member of Town Deal Board I feel I bring local knowledge to the table. The idea of the Town Deal Board is to change the street scenes of the town perhaps even to rejuvenate the town centre. To do this we need to increase the availability of decent affordable housing so that people living in the high street use it. Also, we need easier access to the town by increasing the use of cycle routes and walking routes. I am an easy going and approachable type of bloke and look forward to making Long Eaton town centre a vibrant, happy, and clean place we can all be proud of.

Derbyshire County Council

Cllr Tony King Name: Cllr Tony King  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Cabinet member for Clean Growth and Regeneration  |  Role on board: Board Member |  About: Cllr King first worked for Rolls Royce in Derby before moving to Stanton. He spent a further 8 years working within the Stanton Group at various sites before leaving to manage a number of foundries across the UK over the next 20 years. Throughout the past 18 years Cllr King has worked for EMDA.  Besides the above and Cllr King's role within the Council, he is also involved in Low Carbon vehicles, energy and infrastructure projects for Innovate UK. He is also passionate about supporting SMEs to develop game changing solutions in the area.  Cllr King became a Councillor because he is passionate about a number of issues; the Low Carbon agenda, encouraging SMEs to achieve their full potential and to improve the general level of job opportunities in the county. Derbyshire has a unique history in being at the forefront of the latest technology, much of which was and is in the transport industry.

Private and Third Sector Organisations 

Andrew Mitchell Name: Andrew Mitchell  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Long Eaton Guild of Furniture Manufacturers  |  Role on board: Board Member |  About: I joined my family’s business in 1960, which my father established in Victoria Mill, Draycott some 8 years earlier, moving to Long Eaton in 1960 to be part of the expanding upholstery trade at that time. We manufacture both handcrafted upholstery and passementerie in a former lace mill. My daughter and two sons have key roles to maintain the future of the business. I am Chair of the Long Eaton Guild of Furniture Manufacturers, founded over 60 years ago by established upholsterers producing high quality lounge and contract furniture. Today, the town is recognised throughout the world as the UK Centre of Upholstery Manufacturing. Annual trade exhibitions held in local showrooms attract buyers from all over the UK and Ireland.  I live locally, joining Long Eaton Rotary Club in 1976, later leaving to help form a new breakfast Club in 2008. I am currently secretary and senior vice president of this club. I enjoy being involved in local and overseas charitable activities, and helping the local community whenever I can. I am proud to be a member of an organisation that over the years has almost eradicated Polio world-wide. I am also a member of the Long Eaton Chamber of Trade.
Ian Viles Name: Ian Viles  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Chief Executive, Erewash Partnership Ltd  |  Role on board: Board Member and Project Champion for Stable Block Commercial Units  |  About: Ian was a founding Director of Erewash Partnership Ltd in 1993 and appointed Chief Executive in 1994. The Partnership is a social enterprise and Local Enterprise Agency, providing support to start-up and established businesses in the Borough of Erewash.  Born and brought up in Ilkeston, Ian joined the Civil Service in 1975 and worked at the Department of Employment in Ilkeston and Long Eaton. In 1986 Ian transferred to the Manpower Services Commission and worked as a training programme assessor. Ian left the Civil Service and joined Southern Derbyshire TEC as Policy & Research Manager in 1992, before moving to the Partnership. He has served on the Board of the National Enterprise Network, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce, and a trustee of the Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire Entomological Society.  Ian has many spare time interests including gardening for wildlife, railway modelling, restoring classic cars and organising the Ilkeston Heritage & Classic Vehicle Show.
Stella Scott Name: Stella Scott  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Erewash CVS - Chief Executive  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About: I have worked in the Erewash area now for over 15 years and over 30 years experience of working in the sector. Erewash Voluntary Action has a volunteer centre and provides support to voluntary and community groups. Erewash has a very strong community and voluntary sector and we have many links through networks in the area and across Derbyshire. I feel I can bring all this knowledge and connections to this board.
Vaughan Morris 

Name: Vaughan Morris  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Friends of West Park  |  Role on board: Board Member and Project Champion for West Park & Cycling Network  |  About:  Educated at Wilsthorpe and Long Eaton Schools 1965-1972. Employed by the Home Office, in Private Architectural Practice Project Management 1975-1987. Then employed by Derby City Council as Group Leader Architect, managing a variety of public building projects from 1987-2013. Volunteer experience as Link Governor for Wilsthorpe and Longmoor Primary Schools, Treasurer for Friends of West Park, volunteering with Erewash Voluntary Action, Long Eaton Parkrun and Stop HS2 Erewash Group.

 Keith Reedman Name: Keith Reedman  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Heritage Society  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About: Keith is an authority on the history of Long Eaton and has published several books on this subject. Keith is also a member of the civic society and all the local history and heritage societies in the district. He was also a member of both the Erewash and the Amber Valley Conservation Areas Advisory Committees until they were disbanded a few years ago. He is still consulted on sensitive planning matters within Erewash.
Adrian Orell Name: Adrian Orrell  |  Board member since: 02/06/2023  |  Organisation: Long Eaton Civic Society  |  Role on board: Board Member and Project Champion for the High Street  |  About: Protected Species Ecologist, I am a licensed Chiropterologist specialising in bats. Born, raised and live in Long Eaton, attended Grange Primary School.
Michael Lucking Name: Michael Lucking  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Long Eaton Chamber of Trade  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About: Michael is Chairman of Long Eaton Chamber of Trade, whose aims are to support and promote businesses in the Town of Long Eaton and the surrounding area. The Chamber meets monthly and, among other things, manages the brand “UK Centre of Quality Upholstery Manufacture”. The Chamber also endeavours to assist members by sharing news and ideas to help improve businesses in the Town. Michael is a Chartered Accountant and Principal of C J Lucking & Co, Chartered Accountants. He is also a Director of Hassall & Lucking Limited, a printing company at 36 Cross Street, Long Eaton.  Outside work he is an active orienteer and is currently Team Captain of Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club
Pete Wearn Name: Pete Wearn  |  Board member since: 08/04/2024  |  Organisation: Long Eaton and District 50+ Forum  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About: Chair of Long Eaton & District 50plus Forum (860 members), Career in Science: Government Scientist in Nuclear Physics, Head of Physics at Trent College (1983 – 2003), currently retired but working with schools as Cool Pete, also Hon Sec of Long Eaton Rotary Club.
Blank Picture Name: Patricia Musson  |  Board member since: 13/12/2023  |  Organisation: St Laurence Church  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About
James Gregory Name: James Gregory  |  Board member since: 26/06/2020  |  Organisation: Director of Operations, Trent College  |  Role on board: Board Member and Project Champion for Galaxy Row  |  About: Having been a lifelong resident of Erewash, Long Eaton has always been my ‘go to’ town. I am therefore very pleased to be able to represent Trent College as a member of the Long Eaton Town Deal Board. My career has focused on strategic property management, hospitality and soft services. I am currently employed as Director of Operations at Trent College and The Elms Junior School (Trent College Limited) where I sit on the executive leadership team overseeing the strategic development of facilities and delivery of services. I am married to Kim with three stepchildren and my beloved Jack Russell Terrier Dotty! 
Andrew Savill Name: Andrew Savill  |  Board member since: 26/08/2022  |  Organisation: U3A  |  Role on board: Board Member  |  About: I am currently Chairman of Long Eaton & District u3a having previously served as Business Secretary. I spent over 20 years in local government before my retirement in 2016.   



Only one voting member per organisation.

Registers of Interest are held for all Town Board members and are available upon request.